New Normal

We successfully made it back to MN and have taken this last week to get a few things back to normal……a new normal.  We are still far from being settled into a routine which I (Brian) am sure Gunner will appreciated greatly soon!  Our time on the east coast this last month was one filled with great challenges, but also some really wonderful times.  We had lots of information filtered through our minds and we also were able to hear of amazing things God is up to around the world.

So the question arises….what is next for the Hoveys?  Well I can tell you with first-hand experience, I would love to know!  We do know that God has called us into full-time service and that is what we are pursuing one step at a time.  
As we mentioned in a previous post our plan is to take a survey trip to Papua New Guinea (PNG).  Lord willing we will be taking this trip in November of this year and will be there about 5 weeks.  This trip will be necessary to gain better insight into the ministries that are taking place there and how we can be utilized for God's glory.  We would greatly appreciate your prayers as this will be a very long journey to take with an infant!  Total flight time is over 24 hours, which is long for anybody but especially long for a little one!  We are praising God for the funds that have come in for this trip already, but if the Lord lays it upon your heart to contribute towards this trip please let us know.    Many have asked where PNG is anyways.....this map gives you the location on the lower right side located above Australia.
We will try to keep readers updated as to how this trip turns out.  Please join us in prayer that God would make His will known for us!!!!
It is also in the plans to begin some of our pre-requisites for leaving for full-time mission service.  We are hoping to start a class online that will give us some better Bible knowledge and help equip us for wherever we end up.
For now, we are trying to connect with friends and family that are in the area of MN.  If you would like to visit us or have us visit you, let us know!  We are happy to share what God is up to in our lives!

Some of the highlights from the trip (according to Phyllis) were as follows....
Brian and Gunner watching the film "Unstoppable."  Mommy considered the movie, "Intense," and as you can tell from the picture, it looks like Gunner agrees!!!!  It's a good thing Dad was close to give him reassurance!  As I reflect on this moment with Father and son, it reminds me of my own relationship with my Heavenly Father.  When I think life feels too "intense," God is right there to give me reassurance and comfort.  What a blessing to bank on for each of His children!
 Gunner tried to enjoy lounging in the king sized bed that was in our hotel room.  Unfortunately, it looks as though he got lost in it instead!  I took a pic of him close up so that he could be seen......while he has grown a LOT this last month, he still has a long way to go!
 We took time on our way home to visit some of Phyllis' relatives.  Pictured below are Brian, Gunner, Great Aunt Jacky, Phyllis, and Great Aunt Becky.  We also got to see lots of was a sweet reunion, indeed!