Future Direction (God's Christmas gift to us)

Merry Christmas from the Hoveys! 
It has been an eventful last couple of weeks as we traveled home from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and tried to quickly regain our feet under us here in MN...it took longer than we desired, but we are home and ready to run the race!
To recap our time in PNG, we would have to say it seems to be the place God is calling us!  In the time we were able to spend there, Brian was able to help out with various projects alongside nationals, and I (Phyllis) was able to help out here and there with odds and ends.  Since we have arrived home, we have gotten some basic questions we wanted to answer for those interested.
WHO will we be serving with?
Right now, the ministry team in PNG consists 4 families: the Bill and Lori Smith family, the Steve and Gretchen Root family, the Zeke and Meagan Magill family and the Tim and Leandra Hawes family. 
WHAT will be doing?
We anticipate being involved in a variety of things there, but since we don't foresee arriving there immediately, these ministry roles are open and subject to change.
School/property improvements
  - Work with nationals to create and construct
Shop classes for nationals to give skills for bi-vocational Pastors
  - Basic mechanics
  - Basic welding
  - Basic carpentry
  - Basic plumbing
Church building development and construction
  - Work with church planters and new church plants to put up buildings
Local church ministry
  - get acclimated in an established local church and help where possible
  - Possibly assist in future church plant or encourage national pastors
   - Men’s bible study 
   - Couples or young family bible study
   - mentoring through hands-on work 
Administration (per Bill Smiths recommendation)
-assist on the GBBC School board
-assist with money distribution and operation of the ABWE field team PNG
College tutoring for struggling El. Ed. Students (1 on 1 females only)
Food/water for church construction workers
Local church
-worship ministry possibly (guitar and/or vocal)
-reach out to single girls on campus
- Couples or young family bible study
Possibly classroom teaching at the New Tribes mission school when Gunner is older
WHERE will we be located?
We will be living and serving in Goroka, Papua New Guinea at the Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC).
WHEN will we be leaving?
Our goal is to leave in a year to a year and a half's time, but ultimately the timing of things is in God's hands.  We have to complete some classes and training, and we also desire to build a strong support team here Stateside both prayerfully and financially.  Those things all take time and then there are always the unknowns of the future that could affect our leave date also.
WHY are we doing this?
We are doing this because we love Jesus and know that only He "..is the Way the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through [Him] (John 14:6)."  We desire for ALL people to come to our Savior and receive His free gift of salvation, and so, we have committed our lives to sharing the message!
HOW can others help?
Great question!  There are LOTS of ways to get involved.....some of the familiar are prayerfully and financially, but we also need folks who can help us with accountability, with mailings, with phone calls, with email, with discipleship, with time, with Bible studies, and so much more! PLEASE let us know if you are interested in joining our team!

We wish each one of you a wonderful Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!!