Adjusting to a new normal

This week has been an great improvement over the last time we wrote!  We are all on the mend for the most part....but as we are learning sickness is pretty common for the first several months because the vast amount of new everything our bodies have to get use too in this new world.  
We have started adjusting to the new everyday things.  Getting groceries, getting house hold supplies, buying fuel, keeping things clean.  Many of these thing we don’t think twice about but can be very challenging here.  There is not a one stop store we can go to, so shopping is more of a scavenger hunt going place to place to find things.  Cooking is also been an experience....our first meal we tried on our own we began to boil some rice and bugs just kept floating to the top, needless to say we lost our appetites for that meal.  We have been learning some tricks about what brands to buy and even how to fight better against our ant armies.  This does not mean we win all the time but making progress.
We traveled several times this week to a fellow mission compound for some appointments.  It is not very far in distance however the roads are horrible....which was certainly a fun ride for Gunner who loved how bumpy it was and loved being thrown all over.  Car seats are not used here so Gunner was just buckled in and Phyllis holds Moriah.  Both kids even fell asleep a couple times during the ride home.....I don’t know how it was even possible.  I (Brian) attempted several times to get a PNG drivers license, but every time the office was closed....durning their normal business hours ;). I have 30 day to get one so I am hoping they decide to open some point in the next few weeks.  I also had to get a safety sticker for our truck to “ensure”it is safe to be on the road......just involved paying money and never looking at the truck!  
Today we were also able to attend our first church service arriving in PNG.  We went to Praise Baptist Church which is a short drive and then walk down the road.  The Church was started a few years ago when a large drug dealer came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  He wanted to give a gift to the Lord, so he gave a 10th of his land to be set aside for a church and that is how it got started!   God had given each one of us a different story and when we allow Him to write it we will never be able to imagine the magnitude of the outcome one life can have!
Just hanging out with Dad.
We had a guest show up on our door mat.  We decided to put him outside and let him free...then Gunner saw him outside later and smashed him with a big rock, so that way he wouldn't pinch him!
This is Praise Baptist Church
The amazing view outside the church!
Gunner was making friends during the service!
Moriah just hanging out at church!


  1. Awe we totally loved reading about your new normal! Praying daily for you all! We love you!

  2. Great Read Brian! I can smell the smells and Hear the sounds! When can we come back?:) We miss you guys, but God has you where you are needed. Give Gunner a nucks for me and Moriah a big blow kiss. C Peach


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