We arrived in Papua New Guinea

It is to God be the glory that we have arrived in PNG!  We are very thankful for all those who prayed for us in the journey as I don’t think we would have made it otherwise.  The kids did amazing given the situation....but there were certainly times that we all had our breakdowns.
  The biggest challenge was when we had a transfer in Sydney, Australia.  We had a two hour window of time to get off the plane, go through customs, pickup all our luggage....8 check bags, 6 carry on bags, a stroller, and all kinds of odds and ends.  We were a sight to be seen for sure!  As we were going through customs the agent asked if I (Brian) was healthy enough to travel because I was sweating so much.  After we cleared customs, we checked all our bags back in and went though security again we had to literally run through the airport as they were holding the bus to take us out to the airplane.  After spending 20+ hours on a plane already we were at our wits end.  Then God gave us a great gift!  We were on the plane headed to Port Mosby, PNG and we had a lady (Cynthia) sitting behind us actually lived in Owatonna for many years and some of her family still does.   She is moving to PNG for a couple years to work in medical missions with some former students of hers.   Cynthia was also a very welcomed distraction for the kids and us!  It was truly a gift to visit with her and it was mutual as she was a single gal traveling alone to a place she had never been.  We were able to take the next flight together and help each other through the process!  

We are slowly getting settled into our temporary house and figuring out which end is up.  We have gone to battle with a very determined enemy...ants.  They have strength in numbers and are attempting to eat all of our food before we do, however we are not giving up and taking them out by the dozens.  Unfortunately they do not seem fazed and seem to be a part of the new landscape of our everyday lives.
The last couple days we have lost the battle on another front...sickness.  It started with Moriah throwing up randomly, then it went to Brian who had an exciting 8 hour stint of throwing up, and then to Phyllis who has been getting sick randomly as well.  We praise the Lord that Gunner has not followed suit and has been healthy so far.  We have been able to start keeping some fluids down which is a blessing as well. 
Though this time of sickness it is easy to see how people die here from dehydration because of throwing up and diarrhea.  The simple things we so often have taken for granted are non existent here.  This has also given us a better sense of the reality we are facing here.  The fact is life is very short and can be gone in the blink of an eye, but it does not end there.  This life is only a flash in light of eternity and without Jesus Christ as our Savior the outcome is very depressing.  That is why we are here, to share the light of Jesus Christ and the hope that breaks through the darkest place this world holds.  Thank you for your prayers and support as we seek to take one step at a time!

Gunner and Moriah getting settled in!

Gunner checking out a big bug

Our temporary house until we are able to finish ours


  1. So wonderful to hear how you are getting settled there! Praying daily for you all! Much love!

  2. Glad you still have a sense of humor and your are laser focused on the reason God has you in PNG. Praying the adjustment time is short, you all are well, and He guides you to bless others with the Gospel.

  3. Our praise and prayers go with you dear friends!

  4. Oh God! Thank to all of you! If you have time make sure to enjoy God's creation in all PNG's tourist destination.


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