Moving In

One of my (Phyllis') all time favorite songs by FFH is entitled "Lord move, or Move me."  I love how it speaks to the idea of pleading and asking the Lord to move in a certain way, and yet humbly realizing that maybe the Lord doesn't need to move at all......maybe the I do.  It isn't easy either way.  However, I'll admit that generally, my way is the most attractive to me.  I share those words in light of our recent move into a new house.  While the Lord moved me (literally), He was also working behind the scenes and in ways I can't even comprehend to accomplish His purposes for our family.  There is such beauty and hope in realizing that this side of things.
For example, ideally we were supposed to have the house finished before arriving on the field.  For many reasons, that was unable to be our reality.  However, there have been a great group of PNG students at the Bible college that have helped Brian and the other guys to complete our home.  What an opportunity for building relationships!  The students have befriended not only Brian but our kiddos too.  In fact, tonight Gunner was sharing with 'uncle' Bill about all the guys who've helped build our house.....and he remembered most of their names independently!  While the Lord didn't move how we expected, He still moved in His time and way, and we are blessed for it!
So?  We have made the big move and are still busy settling and trying to adjust our focus to be language now.  We have our second unit test coming up this week...and we are both a bit nervous.  However?  God will continue to move and work as He sees fit, and we will be blessed for it!  Here are a couple photos from the week:
Moriah loves her living room and space to run around 
First thing Gunner asks anyone is "do you want to see my room?"  He is very excited to say the least 
This is Moriah telling Gunner this is Her room!
Moriahs new play house!
The guys finishing putting cement around the bottom of the fence...helps strengthen the fence and keep dogs out better.
Our entry way in....just missing the finished railing


  1. Enjoyed your update, thoughts, and pictures! Praise the Lord.


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