A Rookie

A rookie, by definition, is someone in their first season of a professional sport.  Man, do I feel like that sometimes.  The game?  Life.  The team?  Hovey.  The stakes?  High.  The coach?  God, Himself.  The first season there is a lot of fresh, new spark and love of the game, but there is also the steep learning curve that comes with how to manage a familiar sport on a public basis.  To a watching world, the rookie can either make it or break it for the rest of the team.  
As I have been reflecting on that and my own sense of feeling like a 'rookie,' I have also been struck with the idea that while I can't 'bring in the win' for my family, I can bring heart, soul, and passion to the ranks.  Success or failure isn't necessarily based upon who 'wins' the game.  REALLY winning can be accomplished in the attitudes of the heart, the integrity of the players, and the overall inspiration to the crowd.
For example, in the classic Disney film Cool Runnings that is supposedly based on a true story, the Jamacian Bob Sled team didn't 'win' at all.  They didn't bring home the gold.  They didn't even bring home the silver or the bronze.  However, against all odds, they finished the race and inspired the crowd that there is MORE to winning than a medal or plaque.  There is such a thing as honoring the sport, the coach, and yourself in a way that surpasses crossing the finish line first.
Our goal here in Papua New Guinea is to honor our Savior, to live in a way that exemplifies Him, and to share with the crowd that surround us why we play at all......it is NOT for OUR honor, glory, fame, or success.  It is for the LORD'S.  And?  He might deem that 'losing' with a fixed attitude to cross the finish line will bring Him MORE honor and glory than our definition of 'winning.'  We will have to wait and see, but in the mean time, we covet your prayers that God would be honored and lifted high in what we say, what we do, and how we act regardless of 'winning' or 'losing.'
Moriah saying she finished first in getting ready!
The victory must be celebrated with CAKE!