Learning Tok Pisin

We have been struggling a bit with learning language....not so much with the difficulty of it but more the time management needed to learn it well.  We have been doing an independent study method with some helpers, however the needs around us are plenty and our study time quickly gets pushed to the back burner.  We know this has not been beneficial for our learning, but we were unsure how to do it differently.....so we have been praying that God would help us with the changes we need.  Well God did just that....in His perfect timing He opened a door for us to take part in the Ethnos 360 new missionaries orientation in their culture and language course.  This is a like minded mission that has a much larger presence in PNG.  It means that we take a 30 minute morning drive to attend class at a different site and then come back around lunch time three mornings a week.  This allows us the the separation from our busy world at home and puts us into a classroom setting.  It’s an accelerated course that should be done with the in-class part in 8 weeks.  There is an experiential section that will come after we are more familiar the basics and will be more independent study.  
There are over a dozen people in the class of various ages, locations, and backgrounds.  This has brought a greater depth to conversations as we do not all have an American English background.
Gunner continues to go to school in the mornings, and Moriah is staying with a national friend during the time we are gone.  Both of our kiddos are doing well and adjusting to the routine....not without hiccups but that is to be expected.  We would appreciate prayers for safety on the road and strength to endure for these eight weeks.  We are trusting that it will be better in the long run to sacrifice eight weeks at an accelerated pace rather than continue at our self paced way we were trying to learn.  We would appreciate your pray for us and our children as we all learn!


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