Trip to Simbai

This last week I (Brian) had the opportunity to visit a team member and the ministry that takes place in Simbai, PNG.  This place is only accessible by air as all road that have been created have been washed away by landslides.  
I was able to start the jouney a day later than planned as we continue to learn we live in the land of the unexpected and flexibility is key.
I was able to go with Pastor Jack who is the President of Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC).  We wanted to look at the current ministry and assess future ministry needs.
The landscape of this country is truly breathtaking!  Even through the thick jungle canopy the signs of smoke coming up from cook fires are everywhere.  I have often heard PNG has the most unreached people groups in the world for the Gospel......I understand much better now that it's not only the 800+ languages but the isolating terrain.
This is the view coming into the Simbai airport....just a grass runway.
We were able to stay in some mission houses that are very nice.....the biggest issue is they need some more permanent tenants!!  Yes we greatly need help of new missionaries in this area....the physical resources are there, the churches are ready, the personnel is needed though.  There is a group of around 20 churches in the area and their pastors are pleading for more training.  Most of them only have very limited education and are eager to learn.
Watching our plane come in....we were not sure if or when it would come for sure.  There are many variables and as I stated before we live in the land of the unexpected!
I guess we could call this the terminal as this guy was our agent.  He had us put our stuff on a scale and then we get weighed as well....this is to ensure we are not overweighting the plane and where we need to sit to best balance the plane.  The guy looked at me a little funny when I maxed out his scale.....I weigh at least 3 times the normal man there.....
It was a very beneficial experience and one that left me in awe of God's creation and yet keenly aware of how great the need for the Gospel truly is.  Will you pray with me about this ministry?  There is much more I can share if you would like please feel free to contact us!