Childhood Dreams Revisited

This last month Brian had a week of night meetings and traveled to the coast for a week to get supplies so I (Phyllis) have had more time in the evenings.  I watched a DVD series by Laura Story entitled, "When God Doesn't Fix It."  One night the questions leading up to the session were,"When you were a child, what did you think you would "be" when you grew up?  How has God led you toward or away from that childhood sense of what your future would hold?"It didn't take me long to respond to question #1--I dreamed of being a writer or a musician.  Question #2 took more time to reflect and ponder.  After responding to the first question so quickly, there was a little time to grieve what I thought my life would look like.  However, our God is SO faithful.  God has led both towards AND away from these childhood dreams....they are in my life, but they are packaged differently than I thought they would come....gloriously different!  Writing this blog is so beneficial for me, and I pray that it serves our children someday in remembering God's work in our lives as well as those that read and interact with us.  While I'm not writing novels nor is my name on the cover of any best seller, I get the supreme privilege of being a recorder of God's work worldwide and in me.  Secondly, while I am not a professional musician or teaching others to love music, I am singing our kiddos to sleep each night.  God has called us to be parents and to give our best, so while I may not be center stage to the world, I play a big role in the center stage of our children's worlds.  Oh, what a delight!  When I thought about things that way instead of what I dreamed, I was encouraged beyond words....Now to those of you who may not be anywhere near where you dreamed life would take you, I would like to challenge you with a quote..."Sometimes on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one."  -?-A friend gave me this quote after I waited years for a spouse and was still single.  It was a magnet on my fridge for a long time.  I'm sorry I don't remember who said it.  However, I DO remember how I resonated with it.  My Prince Charming did not come in MY time or in MY way, but God was still working ON me and IN me to refine me, shape me, and make me ready.  And?  Part of getting ready for marriage for me was following Jesus as a single.  I don't know if I would've said "Yes" to following God across the globe if I had had a husband first.  Thankfully, God orchestrated things by His design and we are where we are the honor and glory of HIS name!!

Gunner and Moriah finding their own childhood treasures...
Gunner and Moriah hanging out before school starts for Gunner...
Moriah showing off her pigtails and lipstick on her dress!
Gunner, in the morning, excited he is almost part of the clean plate club!
Gunner and Moriah playing with play dough we made!  FUN!