Character at Christmas Time

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There are some experiences that leave a permanent mark.....we call them 'scars,' but I like to think of them as more like 'character.' (Borrowing that thought from Sara Groves' song "Less Like Scars."). We've had those this week in the Hovey household.  Gunner is the first in this Hovey family to have 'accidental' stitches.....he cut himself with a knife.  Now, before you think machete or bush knife because we live in Papua New Guinea, let me just say that it was a butter knife.  Just a common, kitchen utensil but it carries potential to cut too.  Gunner had been outside working in his garden and came inside with a flower bud.  Without permission and while I was occupied answering the door, he went into the kitchen to get a knife and cut open the bud so as to do some exploring as to what was inside this 'big seed' as he called it.  Well, he came to me (Phyllis) screaming for a bandaid and holding his hand, so I took him to the bathroom to inspect.  Once we got some of the blood washed away, I thought it looked kinda serious, but I wasn't confident because I don't recall ever needing to diagnose the need for stitches before.  Thankfully, we have a nurse practitioner as a team mate who graciously gave her educated opinion.  Yup.  Stitches were recommended.  Thankfully, our team mate was able to stitch Gunner back up on site and we didn't need to go to another clinic.  What a blessing!  The worst part was before the pain meds set in.  Gunner was most afraid of the shot, but he really did well considering situation.  Five stitches to his record and a scar are what he will walk away with, but more than that, he will walk away with character as a wiser young man, we hope and pray.
What impressed me most about the situation was that Gunner came to me right away.....I mean, like there wasn't even much blood at the initial scream and footsteps in the hall.  What a gem.  He knew who could help and he ran I pray he remembers this valuable principle!  Unfortunately, I won't always be able to help in the ways he most needs, but I pray that I'm able to point him to the one who can...the ultimate Healer.  Christmas is a great time to run to the Healer.  I know from holidays past that sometimes they are joyous and sometimes they are wrought with fresh grief and sorrow at loved ones lost or hard situations.  I pray that this Christmas, dear reader, that you too would run to the one who can really help.....the ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ.  He is the only One who has the power to heal and save us eternally.  Merry Christmas!

Candy is a sure fire way to help decease tears....

....and sometimes the other sibling just needs some too to show support!

I think he looks like he is going to be alright though....😉