Navigating Change

Recently, Gunner and Moriah have discovered the joy of 'change'....They love coins in their hands, coins in their pockets, and coins hidden away in safe little hiding places.  😁 While it has been a bit trying for me to entrust these valuables to our children (because I’m afraid of choking hazards), it has also been eye opening.  Coins hold such riches (literally and figuratively)!  They can make music in your pocket.....if there are enough of them.  They can spin on one side for a long period of time and provide entertainment while they spin!  They can be stacked and played with until they fall over and even then?  It’s fun to start all over again.  They can be counted with number value or face value and be great tools to teach too.  The possibilities are endless!  
As I was thinking on discovering the joy of change, I was struck with the fact that it is a discovery in our adult lives too.  Change can be tough.  Change can mean moving to a place of betterment orr detriment.  Change can mean moving in general.  It's not always easy to accept 'change' and so there is an opportunity for discovery.  Discovery as to 'why does God have me here? Why this road?  Why this way?  Why this joy?  Why this sorrow?'  So many whys......but?  If we sit long enough with our 'change,' we just might find it fun.  There might be joy in discovering what new adventure the change holds.
I am sure that my children will need to RE-discover the joy of 'change' as they grow up as Missionary Kids.  Change is a guarantee in the MK life.  However, like anything, there is an opportunity awaiting them if they take up the challenge.  And?  Like in any situation, they have the Lord of the Universe on their side if they enlist His help!  Please pray with us that our kiddos would grow to cherish their time growing up and the opportunities that they have.  While they may not always feel it and they might not always see it the first time they look, it is a blessing and a privilege to be where they're the midst of 'change.'
Gunner trying to navigate a change of scenery on a new contraption and with a new MK friend....
And then they had to switch roles and give the other pointers!
Moriah, Gunner, and their new MK friend drawing and coloring together....precious!