Prayers needed

This last week we have been made aware of some great needs and your prayers would be greatly appreciated!  For starters we have heard that there may be visa issues we encounter this year as foreigners.  The details are still being worked out and we are trusting that God's plan is one that cannot be thwarted regardless of the political power of the day.
Second the town we are located in is without water do to money demands as much of this country is run on corruption/extortion.  This doesn’t affect us directly as our only water access is through rain water collection.  However one example we can give is the major hospital has been shut down and continues to turn people away unless absolutely necessary.  We had a teacher that went into labor and due to complications had to have a c-section.  That’s not a big deal in most of our minds, however I can’t explain the hospital conditions here and without water it is even worse.  They had to have some family bring water in each day to help clean her up and the surgical wound up.  The irony is that there is a brand new multistory hospital build right next to the old one but hasn’t even been touched as the medical system does not have money for doctors, nurses, or even medicine and now to include water......  Due to water issues all of the schools have just stopped and will resume sometime in the future.....  Prayer is greatly needed there seems to be some appeasement payments made so this problem can be fixed....however nothing is guaranteed.  
Third, we greatly need your prayers for the church plant we are taking part in.  The place is called Makia and we need God’s guidance on how to proceed so we can reach these people not with religion, but with the love of Jesus Christ.  We were able to cut a tree down that had to be removed before work on the ground could start.  We have had many say they would come once we have a church building.....many fear being seen with us in the open but are desperately seeking the truth.  It reminds me of the story of Nicodemus in the Bible, if you're not familiar please take some time and read it in John 3: 1-21.  We are hoping to get started on the ground work in the next month however in order for us to get things functioning and a building build it will cost around $10,000.  If this is something you would be willing to partner with us in you can donate HERE and just note Makia in the comments field.
We continue to covet your prayer as they are the what sustain us here!

The Hoveys

The last tree coming down at the Makia Church Plant


  1. Hi, Dios les siga bendiciendo amados hermanos, y les cuide en todo momento. Cuando hay tanta necesidad del amor de Dios, El mismo se encarga de abrir las puertas para su obra. Un abrazo a la distancia, familia Tapia Cárdenas.


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