Easter is a VERY special time of year for us as Christians but also for us as a family.  God Himself showed up and took care of our sin problem by carrying our sin, dying, raising and offering new life to all who will accept Him as Savior.  We celebrate with great joy because if this!  Our Makia church celebration was notably small, but it’s not about the quantity of people celebrating, its about the quality of celebration taking place!  We made rolls for the occasion and shared them with the congregation.  Brian was also able to preach about God’s solution to our sin problem.  We had a nice song service too!  While there have definitely been hiccups at our church plant, we are grateful for the opportunity to give God glory over what HE has accomplished!  

Us where the Makia church meets.

Brian also went up the mountain to Kenemaro to observe a sister church's first baptismal service and church membership celebration.  It was an adventure!  Once the main service was over they took a long walk down the mountain on a pig path to get to water....this was expected, but what was not was the trek down river to find a spot where people could stand together.  He came home with pants rolled up to his knees and wet through, but like he said, "It was worth it!"

The baptism spot...was shallow on the sides but over the waist in the middle.

Another celebration this week was Gunner....It’s not EVERY day that a boy turns four years old…..so on the 23rd?  We celebrated with our dear one, Gunner!!!  He enjoyed ALL the attention and birthday wishes to the hilt…and that is NOT an understatement!!!  While there were hiccups throughout the day along with the highs, there was one shining moment that stands out in my mind.  I’d like to share so that I remember…

We brought homemade cupcakes to his class at school.  I asked his teacher (last minute) if we could include another class in on the celebration because I had extra cupcakes.  She said, “Sure!” and I figured all was good….until I recounted my cupcakes…there were enough cupcakes for all the students, but NOT enough for the teachers.  Ack!  The celebration was too quick to make more, so I trudged down to the school to share my blunder and ask for understanding.  Of course, no one was very upset except me, but Gunner overheard me tell his teacher of my mistake.  He stopped eating his cupcake and promptly gave the rest to his teacher!  And then?  His teacher broke the cupcake in half and gave one half of her half to the other teacher!!!  

To say I was humbled and broken was an understatement…all I could say was to God be the glory, and thank the Lord for granting Gunner a tender heart.  Happy Birthday, Gunner.  You are worth celebrating just because God made you, YOU!!!

Gunner and his class awaiting the cupcake handout.....

Gunner and Ms Dorothy....our ever faithful friend!

Gunner and mom excited about the package that arrived ON his birthday!

Gunner and Moriah waiting to open gifts!

Gunner's enthusiasm captured with one of his gifts...

Gunner and Moriah posing with matching shirts...

We also had the privilege to get to know a team from Parkside Bible Church who came to help enclose Praise Baptist Church and do a host of other ministry activities.  The last couple weeks have been very busy, however much as been accomplished for God's Glory!