Calling Up

This April we are in need of help specifically to work on the project of a huge new boy's dorm.  We have been praying that God would raise up the right people at the right time to help us on this big endeavor.  I (Phyllis) have found myself thinking on a quote I once heard that really resonates with this season of our lives...."The task before us is never as great as the Power behind us."  I don’t know who said it, but I remember reading it on a daily calendar that my parents gave me the year or two before my Dad died.  Little did I know how often it would be called up in my mind in the years to come, but it has stuck with me.  
Now, as I sit here, I wonder what is being called up in your mind as you read that.  What kind of trials or hardships are you facing?  What are the tasks before you that might be hindering you from venturing out on a 2-3 week mission trip to the other side of the world?  
Let me share three struggles that kept me from missions for a long time....
Number one?  The money.  Where would it come from?  How could I ask for so much?  Would I see God provide? 
Number two....change.  I knew in my head that I would change, but I had no idea how or what that would look like.  I was afraid of what the sights, sounds, smells and stories that I would encounter would alter me for a lifetime, and would it be for the good or for the bad?
Number three....the risk.  From hearing missionary stories, the life of a missionary was one of standing out, being vulnerable, and bearing the cost.  I like to blend.  I like to control the image I portray.  I want to be able to handle things.  This missions venture would put all that at stake.
And so?  God didn’t start by asking me to dive off into the deep and confront everything at once.  He started by asking me, "Do you love me?"  
"Yes, Lord, you know I love you."
"Then......?"  You fill in the blank.  If you love the Lord, what is He asking you to do? How can you join the team?  Can you give?  Can you pray?  Can you go?  No one of these options are greater than the other.....what is important is that you follow what the Lord has asked of you.  I would like to call up the next team that comes to PNG and ask them how did God lead?  How did He provide?  And as we sit around the table with muscles sore from a hard day’s work and bodies jet lagged and all are beginning to wonder why they agreed to this, I would then like to call up the memories and stories of how God led, how God provided and allow the Spirit of God to encourage us one another to sit back in awe of what He's done!
If you would like to take that next step in any of these areas let us know!