Praying a way!

Sometimes on the road, there seems to be NO way through.  We recently had a road trip to Madang, a coastal city in PNG.  There is one road....ONE get from Goroka to there and it was full of obstacles!  It's at least a 8 hour drive but it depends on the condition of the road.  At one point on our journey, the road was impassable.  A bridge had failed and there was no way to cross, so the road was just diverted down through the river.  A semi truck and trailer had gotten through the river but got stuck on the way back up the river bank and there was NO WAY around him.  We were already hours into our drive and there was NO going  We waited and prayed with earnest!  Gunner and Moriah prayed too....and their prayers are just as fervent as ours!  
It's nothing like a road block in the states.....there are no signs of issues ahead, there was no police presence, no tow trucks to was chains and manpower that moved the truck....or so the people thought!  WE know that it was the hand of our God using each one of those people and their strength to answer our prayers!  
I am encouraged recalling this story in the face of the obstacle that met us coming home.  As we have posted about, there has been a lot of ground work going on around campus at GBBC.  The road outside the front fence of GBBC campus is collapsing.  We have been having lots of heavy rain and the road started cracking, which then turned into a large part sinking....and that's not an side has dropped a couple yards!  We have been told the road is on top of a marsh area.  It is the only way to drive to town to get food, fuel, and supplies.  We have a large population of neighboring groups that are blaming us for the misfortune, because we are doing lots of ground work on our campus and we are next to the road....guilty by association.  The society we live in is very superstitious and there is somone or something that must be blamed for everything.  There is a government department that is supposed to work on the roads and fix issues like this however corruption is very prevalent and generally lots of money gets passed around and nothing happens.  We have spent a lot of money trying to keep it passable, but it is a much larger project than we have the capability to handle.  We are thankful that God knows our hearts in the face of the obstacle.  Of course, it doesn't eliminate the pain of blame because we are trying to better things in our area....however?  It is an opportunity to testify and be a testimony to our neighbors and those around us.  We are unwavering in our desire for people to know the Lord and claim Him as Savior.  We are confident that God is working out His will and His way to bring glory to His Mighty Name.  
We are committing the situation to our Great God in prayer.  We have tried in our human efforts to fix it, but we need God to intervene!  Today we are having a special day of prayer to ask God to help us in a way that we don't see yet.  We need to solve the problem.  We need God to help us make a way!  Recently, a friend reminded us of another missionary's quote...
"Faith is living in such a way that failure is certain unless God intervenes." 
-Ted Weinberg
Oh, do we feel that!  Will you join our faith filled prayers and ask God to make a way through the road? A way for the road to be fixed? We believe that He is able....we trust that He is Sovereign....and He is working things out for our good and His glory!  


  1. 🎶God will make a way when there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see, God will make a way🎶 Prayin!


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