School's in session!

Today was Gunner’s first day of 1st grade in a classroom.  I think we were all a bit nervous….thankfully his teacher had a meet & greet on Friday for the students and parents.  This helped us all and assured Gunner that it was going to be ok!  He even said today “I never thought school could be so much fun!”  We pray he keeps that attitude as there are many years to come.  Hopefully he gets his mom's love of school and not his dad’s hatred of it😉. He is in a small class of 5 other missionaries kids, and we are excited for the many ways he will grow.  It is also a Big change for Moriah as one of the main pillars of her world will be gone during the day.  It will take some time for her to adjust, but on the first day we had to celebrate by taking her and mom to get haircuts and donuts!

Phyllis has also begun teaching a class here at the Bible College.  I think we may have mentioned before but there are two majors at the college: One is Bible (Training Pastors and lay leaders) and the other is Christian Education (Training Elementary Teachers). Since Phyllis has a background in education there is ample opportunity for her to utilize her knowledge.  This semester she is teaching a class about Teaching Art.

While I (Brian) may not be in a classroom or teaching I am daily wading into an endless learning curve.  From learning how to fix new equipment, construction methods, people management, and the many other challenges of living in the land of the unexpected.  Just driving everyday can be a challenge…..just yesterday we were driving to church and had to stop as there were people passed out in the middle of the road.  They had been partying through the night and laid down on the road as the tar retains some heat of the day….unfortunately this is a common issue and one of the many reasons we try not to drive after dark.  There is much that we have trouble capturing into words of our everyday lives as the needs never seem to stop around us.  Yet that is why we are here as the only answer to the many issues of this world is Jesus Christ!  Where ever you may be located following Christ is a wild ride and one you need your seat belt on for!

To mark Gunner’s first day….a poem by Phyllis Hovey

A New Ride

Today we start a brand new ride

It’s name is called “Let Go!”

We will find out that it is full

Of fun and things we know!

The alphabet, you’ve worked so hard

To understand and use

Will take on different meanings as

They’re each together fused.

You’ll keep on reading, as you should,

You’ll run and jump and play

You’ll learn from many places where

You’ve been before today.

I, too, will start this ride with you

As well as Rie and Dad

The letting go is real for all

And at times it will feel sad.

We'll miss you, Bud, but we are sure

That this is for your good.

It gives a taste of sacrifice

In new ways for our good.

For Jesus called us each to bear

The weight that each day brings

And sometimes underneath the load

We’ll learn new, wondrous things!

We'll know our Savior better

As He leads us down each road

And then, from there? He'll teach us more

We’ll learn until we're home.

The "Let Go" is an exercise

That helps us grow in God

It helps us trust Him every day

At home, at school, abroad.

So, Son?  You start the day today

With us each cheering you

Take up your wings, lift off in flight,

Be all God's called you to!!!

Mom and Gunner ready for school!

Gunner and his 1st grade teacher

Getting settled into his Very Own Desk!

Phyllis teaching in her classroom