Water Flows

One of the many ongoing projects we have been helping with here at GBBC is trying to control the rain water flow.  Not one of those flashy and exciting projects, but one that is greatly needed.  Coming from the Midwest, I can't say I ever really understood the power of water and the damage it can cause.  Now living in a tropical place on a mountain gives me a new definition.  Thankfully there is a dry season to try to accomplish a task like this, however the window of opportunity can close at any time.  They say water is a snake here as it flows where it wants….we are trying to master that snake!  
While it may not be the most exciting project, there is much we can learn from it.  Just as in life it is not a matter of if the rain comes, but rather when the rains comes.  Hardship and trials will find each one of us at some season.  Just like the rain water if we aren’t prepared for it, it will wind through every part of our lives and cause havoc.  Eroading our lives, destroying infrastructure and at times even leaving giant holes where we thought we had strong ground.  Once the rain is here it’s too late to think about preventative measures.  It becomes more about riding out the storm  and everything becomes reactive to what is happening.  There is another way, but it involves lots of hard work.  
The Bible lays out this life plan for us and helps us navigate the great flows of water the storms bring.  It is not an easy plan to follow…..just like our project it involves lots of hard work in a time where it would be much easier to have fun in the sun while the skies are clear.  

When the water has free reign, it has been ripping ground away taking gardens with it.

We began by digging a trench for the water to flow….sometimes equipment is needed to help facilitate the fix. 

Next lots of hard work by hand with shovels so that the trench is straightened.

A mixture of stones and concrete are placed to strengthen where the water flow so it is not allowed to erode the ground.

There are lots of parts to make it all work….many hands make lighter work.  Well that is why we also need the church.  There are too many storms in the Christian life to survive it alone.

While we have hundreds of yards to go…..Together we make steps forward!

….Because the boss is always watching!


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