Make Your Mark

In Children’s Sunday School awhile back, I (Phyllis) taught on the story found in Genesis 11….the Tower of Babel.  It’s a fascinating account of how the world came to be divided into different language groups.  Oh, how many questions it raised in my mind!  In my early mission days (over 10 years ago…), I was impressed by a quote that Margaret Mead spoke.  It said, “Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world…indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  As I taught the Bible story of building the tower of Babel, it stirred this quote in my mind.  Imagine a WORLD where people would collaborate, understand, and use EVERYone’s skills!  What a powerful thing!!!  The Bible records that God, Himself had thoughts about this situation…they are recorded in verse 6.  It says, “And the LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do.  And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them” (ESV).
God created the world with the INTENTION of unity…. cohesiveness…. oneness….and not just of thought and mind, but of HEART!!!  Right now, our band of family here at GBBC desperately needs your prayers!  There are many infected and in quarantine due to COVID.  Our medical person on site is handling things and taking precautions to stop the spread, but the reality is that our cases are growing!  We even had one individual that needed to go on oxygen last night.  The majority of the adults on our campus have been vaccinated, however the virus continues to spread.  The decision has been made to attempt to speed up the semester of the Bible School by condensing the remaining 6 weeks of classes into 3 in hopes to finish before we are forced to close.  As part of doing this, we have essentially locked the campus down to try to finish well.  
We were not able to go out to meet at our normal Church Fellowship site in Makia.  However, we received news that one of the community leaders in Makia just died…very possibly of Covid.  We do not know where his faith was, but thankfully he received an invitation to the Gospel Rally we held a few weeks back at the church area.  While we don’t know if he made a decision to put his trust in Jesus Christ, we are confident that he was presented with The Gospel several times over those 3 days!  
Now, if the truth be told things around us in this world look pretty dark and hopeless.  Yet?  We are on the cusp, on the brink, the threshold….we are out on the edge of the limb with a spectacular view of the night sky just waiting to behold how God is going to tear back the dark and bring in the light of a new day!  Sound far-fetched?  Sound too optimistic?  NO way!  It’s called “the stuff that hope in GOD is made of!!!”  Our God delights to eradicate the darkness….Our God triumphs in the face of trials….Our God takes the little we have to offer—like 2 fish and five loaves—and uses it to feed a multitude……whoa!  Sounds pretty impossible, but we serve the God of the impossible!!!
Please pray for protection.  Please pray for us to look to faith and not to fear.  Please pray for eyes to SEE what God’s up to and trust to believe HE is at work!  Let’s draw our line…..let’s make our mark….let’s define our lives by Our Faith in Our Great GOD!!!

Moriah making her mark…on a cement project at our house this week.

Gunner making his mark…

Gunner, "Look what this hand can do!"

Dad putting on the final touches…