Yes!  Let’s “catch up!”  Over the course of our return to PNG, we have not been as diligent in keeping up with our blog.  Our apologies!  We thought this week’s blog we could do a flyover of some of the things that’ve been going on that we haven’t covered….here we go! 

This group of guys have dedicated time, hard work and sweat to the improvement of Goroka Baptist Bible College’s drainage work.  We live in a tropical climate where the seasons are limited to: rain or no rain.  When it rains?  It pours…literally.  Having said that, it is crucial that we funnel the water where we want it to go rather than letting it wreak havoc as it finds its own way down the mountainside of where the college is located.  While there is still work to be done, the rainy season is upon us, and so?  We wanted to honor these men and their work for the Lord as they coupled with us to improve the campus.  We provided an “American” meal with burgers, hot dogs and French fries to try to communicate appreciation.  I thought we over planned the food, but there was hardly a lick of it left on the table by the time lunch was over.  It was a blessing to sit around and hear stories while sharing some food too! 

This box held needed filters.  We sent it last May in the hopes that it would arrive around the time we did in June.  We were off by quite a bit… arrived this month!!! It was opened on multiple occasions as you can see from the packaging tape.  However, we are happy to report that what was inside made it unscathed!  We have had several people ask about sending stuff to us via the mail.  However, it just is a bit unpredictable at the moment.  Thank you for those who’ve asked and have the good heart to encourage us in this way!  We will let you know if/when the reliability of sending care packages changes. 

Covid 19 update 

Many have asked about how the COVID situation is here in PNG.  Omnicron variant was discovered this past week in Goroka.  Thankfully, the Seigu Baptist Clinic is open again now that our teammates have returned from furlough.  While this new wave of covid has not come full force yet, it is only a matter of time now that it’s here.  Please continue to pray for us as we navigate these turbulent waters!!! 

Moriah has come into her own as of this year.  Now that she is more accustomed to Gunner being gone for large chunks of time throughout the day, she has found her own way to interact with others in our home and even back home via the computer.  Her birthday is this week, and we are excited to celebrate the little girl she is becoming!!! 

This is Gunner….hear him ROAR!!!!  This boy has been growing and changing by leaps and bounds!   He lost his fourth tooth this month and is already hoping and planning what will happen when the next one falls out.  

Brian and I have been struggling with various health issues the last two weeks.  While we are on the mend, we would appreciate prayers that we get better soon!  It is a challenge to see so much going on around us and not being able to help with our full strength. Thankfully, God is stronger than our greatest strength…in fact, His power is made perfect in our weakness! 


  1. Great to see the enduring ministry you are having. We are praying for you.

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