Training Takeaway

This past week has been staff in-service here at Goroka Baptist Bible College.  Our school year runs from February thru November most of the time.  Thankfully, I (Phyllis) was able to attend most of the approximately 20 hours spent together with others who are seeking to make much of Jesus through the ministry of GBBC.  What a gift!  What a privilege!  Among other topics there were sessions on strategic planning, time management, working relationships and mentoring.
It was a rich time of learning overall.  I must confess I had to drink a couple extra cups of coffee one day as I was struggling nodding off….😬 Thankfully, the instructor didn’t call me out.  I’m used to being busy with my hands and moving throughout the day, so I just didn’t remember that I needed that extra boost to keep my learning up.  Just keeping it real….😁
If I had to pick only one takeaway, I was deeply challenged by a talk by Dr. Woods.  He shared a quote, saying, “You don’t pick fruit twelve months out of the year.” I’m not clear if the quote is original to him or not.  However, it is a valid principle to acknowledge.  
Brian and I have recently been evaluating our roles here at GBBC and with our mission organization, ABWE.  While we are sent by our local church (First Baptist Church of Waterville) and are an extension of them, we are also accountable to ABWE and GBBC is one of the ministries we are involved in.  No matter what your occupation or ministry role, it is a valuable thing to evaluate roles, on occasion, as we each are growing and changing.  Just because you’re doing what you’ve always done, doesn’t guarantee its the best fit for who you’ve grown to become.  It’s a challenging thought to consider, but it is well worth your time.
I have often struggled in my role as a teacher.  My struggle lies in my lack of harvest, if the truth be told.  In John 15:5, the Bible says, “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing” (ESV).  I have had the wrong end goal in mind.  I am a teacher.  I’m not an evangelist, and ya know?  A teacher has a developing and nurturing role, not necessarily a harvesting one.  The above mentioned quote put that in perspective for me.  My months of investment into the lives and hearts of those around me are not necessary “harvesting” months.  In fact, they’re in the dead of winter in MN!  However, it affirmed the role I do have as an instructor and afforded me the perspective that it is a different and crucial role, not lesser or better than.  What a rich lesson and takeaway!  To God be the glory!

Gunner as a chicken in his Christmas program…I don’t think his wings will take him away….😂

Moriah ready and waiting for a date with Daddy.

Phyllis reunited with an old friend.


  1. What a powerful lesson you learned - thank you for sharing it, something I needed to hear!


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