Fully Acclimated to Chile

This week Brian has been under the weather with a flu bug….well, at least that’s what we’re calling it.  There’s been a nasty virus that’s been drifting among the students/teachers at SCA, and Brian caught it.  He’s been out of commission for the week.  He didn’t leave the apartment for six days…….HOWEVER, we have a funny story from his time down.

I came home from school and found Brian on the couch, still not feeling great.  I sat down to talk to him for a minute, when he said, “Phyllis?  You have become fully acclimated to Chile.” 

In disbelief, I responded, “What makes you think so?  You sound so sure….”

With a grin, Brian continued, “Well?  When a person starts talking Spanish in the night—when they should be SLEEPING—it’s a sure sign.”

“I WAS sleeping last night!  WHAT do you mean?”

“I mean that is more evidence to add to my case because now I know you were DREAMING in Spanish…..I’ve got a Chilean on my hands.”


I had the giggles the rest of the afternoon thinking about that.  I guess my Spanish is improving more than I thought….:0)