Praises and Prayer

Brian and I have lived through two tremors this last month.  Now, when Minnesotans think of tremors, they often think of chills and shaking.  Well, in Chile, a tremor is not a human body shaking……it’s the entire ground underfoot shaking!  Thankfully, we were forewarned when we got here that these things are NORMAL.  So, please, don’t fret!  We received earthquake safety instructions when we got here much like we would have tornado drills in Minnesota.  The windows rattle and it sounds like thunder outside, but it doesn’t last NEARLY as long…… least not yet.

Even if the world DOES shake though, Brian and I are secure… in our Lord’s will for us. Yesterday Brian was not feeling well (the flu has been going around here), so we listened to a sermon by John Piper.  In it, he said, “Prayer is not a domestic intercom; it’s a war time walkie-talkie.”  Since we have been in Chile, I have been busy praying “God make this easier, or God make that easier.”   I was deeply convicted that while I am worried about things becoming routine and “easier,” I have neglected to pray, “General God, this is Phyllis Hovey praying……what are YOUR orders today?”  I have been worried about comforts, not being concerned about casualties… is so easy to get caught up in my OWN world and what matters to ME that I forget to look at the bigger picture…..I forget the people around me that need what I have……Christ.  So?  I am praying, “God, make me a blessing to someone today…..”  I pray that as you read this, you are blessed too!
If you would like to listen to the sermon, it can be found at the following link: