Kinder Spring Field Trip

  Our Kindergarten field trip this Spring was to the MIM—A  Children’s Science Museum here in Santiago.  The first step?  Getting there.  Here’s what our sweet ride looked like on the inside…..
  ….a little bit fancier than a school bus, eh?
Our first task, once we were there was to check in and get inside.  Here is our line up of Pre-K and Kinder kids.  I’d say we have finally started getting this concept down!
 All the students, staff, and volunters wore SCA badges to help us identify our group.  They look a little blaze orange in this photo, but we wanted to be able to hunt down our crew easily!
This is us traipsing to the entrance of the MIM.  It didn't appear to be anything spectacular from the outside.....but wait till you see the inside!
 This was the most talked about display leading up to the trip....the bed of nails.  Yes, that is a student on there, and yes, those are my students standing in line! Yikes!  Unfortunately, the wait for this display was quite lengthy, and my group of three Kindergartners lost interest before it was their turn.  Ah well, they still enjoyed the sight!
 Check out my time warped students! 
 The larger than life sized piano was among the first displays as we walked in to the buildling.  My students quickly removed their shoes and made noise....uh....I mean.......MUSIC!!!
 Next up was a mechanical factory type machine that the children had to work together to move rice through the mechanism.  They had fun seeing who could crank their rice through the quickest! 
The area we spent the MOST time in was the bubble display.....and it was full of hands on bubble making!  Here, the students are trying to enclose their classmate in the center of one large bubble.....attempt number one failed.....
So did attempt number two.....
 But the third time was a charm! 
 There was also a part where the children could make a bubble window.....they pulled on the cord and up went the bubble! 
 As you can see, they really got into it!  Once the bubble was up, the kids took turns blowing to see who could pop the bubble first!
This was one of my favorite pics where I could see the bubble warping really well!
 We headed back to the school for lunch.  It wasn't a full day field trip but the students and staff were tuckered out by the end of the couple hours.  We even had students fall asleep on the bus ride home!  It was a successful trip and a good experience overall!  A HUGE thank you to any of you reading this that helped and coordinated and volunteered!  It was definitely a team effort!