Just a thought.....

This beautiful piece of artwork was created by Jodi Lee Gasner....a dear friend. Visit her Facebook page at Beyond Imaginations.....you will be blessed beyond belief!

There is a special and wonderful bond between a mother and a child (or so I have heard).  I loved how this beautifully crafted piece of artwork captured the "heart" of the matter--that there is a connection on a heart level and body and mind between baby and momma.  It is God given and God crafted and absolutely Divine!
I have been very sickly as of late, but when I was talking to our neighbor in the apartments they mentioned that God DID declare that the birthing process would be painful.  Even in our day and age of medicine, it was a part of the curse in the book of Genesis in the Bible that God said the process would be painful.  We have to trust that there is a refining process going on in the heart of the mother as she experiences the discomforts of the process.  HOWEVER, as I have heard from SO many mothers, the pain is worth the prize at the end!
How like our Heavenly Father to give us a foretaste of Heaven in our lives.  The Bible clearly states that in the last days there will be "birthing pains" that are felt throughout the whole earth.  Not just physically in earthquakes and famines, but there will also be circumstances that will be challenging beyond belief.  The Bible encourages us to "stand firm" in those days, and I have taken comfort in the fact that this little glimpse of what's going on in the birthing "process" now will help prepare and refine me for whatEVER challenges and struggles that this life will bring.  And, at the end of my days?  I pray I am ready to see my Savior face to face....what a joy THAT will be!  I pray we all find ourselves ready to meet the challenges of our days and are encouraged through the Scriptures that God is working in and through us to accomplish His purposes!