The week's happenings

This past week was FULL of activity.  It was the end of the first quarter on Friday, which is an exciting point to be at in the semester.  Half way done till Christmas vacation, half way to go! Students will get report cards sent home today, so that is an adventure for them too. 
Being a part of a school that serves children from all over the globe, we have a unique opportunity to meet people from all over the globe too!  This past week we had the privilege of not only meeting, but we were entertained by a men's chorus from the state of Mississippi that has been around since 1964.  The men volunteered their time to travel the world sharing their talent, passion for music, and enthusiasm for the Lord.  They had been on a tour throughout Chile and were heading back to the States....and through one of those cool God connections, we heard about them and invited them to the school.  It was thoroughly enjoyable!  We greatly appreciated their music and their message was something each of us could resonate with!
We also had an annual staff appreciation meal on Saturday that was put on for faculty's family and volunteers at SCA.  The weather wasn't as warm as anyone had hoped, but the company and fellowship were of a rich and warm calibur that the lack of sunshine couldn't damper. 
 As the weeks continue to pass by, we are continually amazed and awed at the faithfulness of Our God.  He TRULY has blessed us beyond measure to be able to serve here, and we thank each one of you that have obeyed Him and support our ministry at SCA!!!!  God's Kingdom work is going forth!