Volcanic Birthday

On October 12, 2014, I want all of our blog readers to know that a monumental benchmark was achieved......I left my 20's and headed courageously into my 30's!!!!  Yup!  I (Phyllis) am officially an "older" woman--just ask my hubby.  ;0)  He hasn't QUITE reached that benchmark....YET.
I did one of the most DARING things I have yet to do in my life on my 30th birthday.  I traveled with Brian to see one of the most active volcanoes in Chile! It's called Villarrica, and although you can see it is snow-covered, it is STILL SMOKING!!! 

This gives a more accurate portrait of how close the volcano ACTUALLY was, but let me tell you, it sure LOOKS as big as the above pictures when you are gazing up at it in REAL LIFE!
Me and my man making memories!
Now, as if doing something DARING wasn't enough to mark the day, Brian took me HOME for my 30th birthday too!  In this picture, I am holding my birthday gift that will go with me WHEREVER I am in the world--a piece of home!  Yup, it came all the way from the Land of 10,000 Lakes!  BUT, don't be deceived because there is MORE to this 'seeming' map of MN....it ALSO happens to have my hometown marked and labeled on it......AND it can hang on the wall as home decor...AND it is one of my favorite board games of ALL times.....CRIBBAGE!!!!!!!  As you can imagine, I was ECSTATIC!
Brian and I also visited a volcanic lake that is on the other side of the town Pucon (where the volcano is at).  The sand is black--it's volcanic sand!  Needless to say, it was a memorable birthday.  I thank God for the many gifts He has blessed me with in 30 years, and I pray I live the rest of my days USING those gifts and whatEVER more are to come for the sake of His name!