Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving in Chile definitely sported different temperatures than Thanksgiving in MN.  I think we got up to the mid 80's yesterday as a high.  It was still full of fellowship, fun, and of course, GREAT food!  The ABWE team here in Santiago took it upon themselves to go all out for the holiday as it is a difficult time to be away from home for most missionaries.  Here is a picture of me and Brian enjoying the decorations carefully put together this year.  It's kind of allegorical in a way.  We are at the doorway of a new chapter of life, and in the midst of the changing seasons, we have found MANY reasons to "give thanks!"
Here is a picture of Brian and Mr. Rob Hagerty, our school administrator.  They are enjoying a few relaxing moments before the feast gets underway. 
There were about 40 missionaries including adults and children that got together for the celebration.  Here is a picture of the table decor.  Where the ladies found Thanksgiving plates, napkins, and cups is beyond me, but it was an appreciated flare! 
Here you can see our Thanksgiving spread at a glance.  The turkey is on the other end of the table.  There was sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, salads, homemade rolls, stuffing, corn, and a LOT of other delicious food!  We dug in at around 2 pm.....and boy, was it worth the wait!
The dessert table deserved it's own picture.  Brian and I contributed two strawberry pies to the meal.  They were made with FRESH strawberries and proved to be a big hit. There was also an oreo dessert, coffee pie, strawberry cheesecake pie, apple pie, and as you can see, LOTS of extra whipped topping!  I am sad to say that there is no cool whip here in Santiago, but don't worry, it didn't stop us from enjoying our sweets!
I thought that Turkey Day deserved a picture of progress on the baby bump.  Well, this is actually the day AFTER Thanksgiving, but it is close!  We go to the doctor this week for a checkup, and we will know soon if we are expecting a little lady or a little man.  Look forward to an update!