The baby bump begins!

This picture was taken Oct. 28th, 2014 with some new clothes I was privileged to purchase because I no longer fit comfortably into many of my pants and skirts!  I am truly grateful to our donors who stepped forward to give towards this specific need....thank you!  I must confess, I was quite surprised when this happened.  Sure, I knew the day would come, but I didn't expect it to come so soon!  hahahaha.  The naivity of a first-time pregnant woman.  :0)  Many of you have asked if I am showing or not yet, and since I am, I thought, "That would make a great blog post--a baby bump!"  So?  Here I am, sharing a piece of my pregnancy journey with a wide audience.....kind of crazy.  By God's grace, I am starting to feel better physically.  My morning sickness has been reduced to one or two days a week rather than EVERY day of the week. I give God the glory, and I must say I am TRULY grateful.  Not only does that allow me to be able to teach better and feel better while doing it, but it has also provided me with more time to dream and hope for baby Hovey.  It helps so much to not worry about what or if I'll be able to eat, but rather, I can pray and prepare for a little one that will be coming in the very near future!  I think Brian has been able to sigh a sigh of relief as well.  We are BOTH hoping that the worst of the sickness is over.  I was able to go grocery shopping again this week, which felt like a HUGE accomplishment.  Brian had to help me find a couple items because I was so unfamiliar with the store--some things change WAY too quickly!  Anyhow, here's my baby bump, and I will try to keep posting occassional updates on my "new" look!
Project note....On June 25, 2014, in a blog entitled, "Some projects," we shared the first stage of a flower box project that a graduating senior had started.  Well?  We are happy to share that the project is NOW complete!!!  It was a very long waiting process in getting the tile here, but thanks to a skilled Chilean tradesman, once it arived it was put on in a week.....the curve proved to be very challenging but looked amazing when all done.  They are now filled with some beautiful plants and are functioning great!  We tried to capture a piece of their splendor in pictures--some close up, some far away--but we couldn't do the shine of the tile justice in comparison to how it looks in the sun. 
Hope you enjoy!