Baby Showers......Blessed Beyond Measure!

"There will be showers of blessings/this is the promise of love..." says the timeless hymn, and it captures the boundless truth that my heart feels this week!  Brian and I had the privilege and honor of being thrown three baby showers this past week.....we were astounded! 
First, some prayer warriors from our home church in Minnesota (First Baptist Church of Waterville) conducted a month long cash shower in which they had this darling bassinet in the church foyer and gathered donations for our little guy.  What a creative and innovative idea!  It was SUCH a blessing to feel loved on by our home church even in spite of distance.......a HUGE shout out to everyone who gave, gathered, and graciously participated!!!!
Here's what the display looked like....

Secondly, our church ladies here in Santiago (San Bernardo) at Iglesia Bautista Esperanza Viva threw a baby shower for us this past weekend....because it is a Spanish speaking church and my Spanish language is still limited, I was TRULY touched at the efforts they went to in order to make the event special!!!!  They made the shower as intercultural as they could!
They started off with one of my favorite fruits....watermelon!  Here you can see me enjoying my piece.....
We played some very entertaining games in which I learned Chilean phrases to use when our little guy arrives such as "chanchita" and "tuto" (forgive my spelling if they are incorrect!), and the women in attendance were challenged to remember some American boy names and see who did the best.  We had a lot of laughs and fun!
Then, there was a devotional given by Jenn Rubin, a fellow missionary, co-worker, and friend.  She reminded me as well as other mothers that our babies are not our own.....they are their Maker's FIRST--which means they are the Lord's.  I find this to be so true with our little guy because EVEN THOUGH Brian and I will be his parents, our little one is not something we ever dreamed fact, we thought we'd never have children due to a doctor consultation.  We are blessed BEYOND measure when we say, "Our God is SO big, SO strong, and SO mighty/there is nothing our God cannot do (children's chorus)!!"
 The ladies made me a big card with English greetings/wishes for me and baby Hovey.  They apologized in advance if the language didn't make was all Google translate....I loved their thoughtfulness!
 Brian also played a crucial role in the shower's success.....he was in charge of the cake!  He did a really great job, and most of the women had seconds because it was so delicious!!!
 Here is a pic of our party favor magnets....handmade and everything!
 The group of us ladies that were able to gather together is pictured below....
 Lastly, our friends and co-workers at the school (Santiago Christian Academy) held a bash for me and my neighbor, Kari, who are due to deliver one day apart!  FOR REAL!!!
Here we are together....she is expecting a little lady and I am anticipating a little man....SO FUN!
 The party favors were boy/girl cute!
 We feasted on soups, sandwiches, salads, and a variety of other goodies as you can see here!
 There was a big turnout, and we took over the library completely!
 I chose this last picture because it made me think of Brian.....he would've been happy to see the women's sensitivity to our little guy being all-boy!  Too bad I accidentally ripped the bag in two as I was trying to open it! :0S
 Like I said, we have been blessed beyond measure, and we are giving God the glory because we know that ultimately it is from Him that all gifts are showered!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who have loved on us and "showered" us with blessings for baby this week!!!!!