Bedroom rearranged!

With baby Hovey on his way in about a month or so....the bedroom required rearranging!  This is what our bedroom arrangement used to look like....
 Some of the other missionary gals helped me move furniture the other day so that there was room for the bassinet and our setup was more user friendly for baby.  This is a picture of what our room looks like now that the furniture is rearranged!
In order to get the full effect, I also took a pic from the opposite corner of the room. 
Lastly, I thought I'd give you a glimpse at the baby bump progress! 
What fun!
Many of you have asked me what I do to occupy my days now that I am not in the classroom.....well, there is no shortage of work to do on the mission field!  I have subbed a time or two, helped out in the school library and other odd jobs, volunteered my time to bake goodies for various events, spent some quality time with other missionary gals seeking wisdom, as was mentioned above I have been getting ready for baby, and all sorts of other odds and ends!
While my work is not consistent or routine, I am learning that it is JUST as important to be ready and available to serve as it is to be plugged in serving somewhere full time.  Flexibility on the field is a full time necessity for ANY missionary ANY-where!!!!  I am counting the many blessings here in serving and am SO grateful for each of you who help make that possible!!!