Hero for the Day

To define a 'hero' is a matter of perspective.  There is usually criteria that needs to be met to obtain the title.  In the Hovey home, Gunner was our hero of the day.  Why? Let me explain....
Today we had team meetings in the morning at another missionary family's home.  Gunner and Moriah were to stay at home with a friend and national partner that they are quite comfortable with.  Meetings started at 8:30 this morning, and we stopped for a break around 10:00 am.  Not too far into our break we were all surprised to hear little footsteps running up to the house and a little hand knock on the door.  It was Gunner!  He had run through the morning drizzle and was clearly out of breath.  "Mom!" He exclaimed, "Ms. D. is locked in the bathroom and you need to come quick to let her out!"  I put down my snack foods and ran after him back to the house (which thankfully was next door).  
Moriah was getting shoes on and preparing to follow Gunner outside, and sure enough, Ms. D. Was indeed locked in the bathroom.  She was quite embarrassed.  I went to get a knife to get her out as Brian very wisely had installed child safety locks on the doors.  That way, if one of our kiddos got locked in, we could still open the door externally.  Anyways, we eventually had to go and get Daddy too because I couldn't get the door open either!  Hahaha.  What a riot!
After everything was said and done, I couldn't help but hug my little boy and tell him, "Way to go, buddy!"  I was proud of his bravery and courage.  I saw evidence of his ingenuity too as I retraced his steps.  He had drug a stool from the kitchen to try and unlock the door to the bathroom from the hallway.  He also had gone out the laundry room door and put a bucket under the door lock in there to get outside.  How clever!  Please pray prayers of thanksgiving with us that no one was hurt, everyone was safe, and our little guy (although not so little this time) was able to save the day!  Our hero!

Our Hero of the day!!
Gunner taking part in a school play and Father's Day celebration....it is a different day than in the US.
Moriah playing with a new friend at church.
Gunner and Moriah helping some friends harvest pineapples!


  1. Awe way to go Gunner! You saved the day! Love you all! <3


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