Men's Conference

The Bena district is a large region adjacent to Goroka Baptist Bible College (where we live). This area is known for sorcery and fierce tribal fighting. The culture in PNG is very male dominated, and Papua New Guinean men are much less likely to be in church than women. There are few men worshiping and taking leadership positions in the churches across the country, but these men need to know Jesus Christ; they need to be leaders of their families; they need to be leaders in the church. A vision our ABWE team has is for God to raise up men in the Bena district to take a stand for Christ. We are praying for GOD to call 100 Bena Men to Himself so that they can be saved and discipled. God is answering these prayers in a mighty way as recently 15 Bena men came to know Christ as their personal Savior. These men’s lives are truly being transformed!  We, in partnership with a large group of Pastors in our area, would like to give out 200 personal invitations to the Bena men to attend outreach meetings from October 8-12, 2018. This will be the first large men’s event held in this area and one we are hoping to make a yearly event.  There will be several workshops throughout the meeting and special times of preaching every evening.  Travel is not an easy thing here so everyone who attends will stay there for the week.  Our goal is to provide no cost for those who have been personally invited.  To cover the cost of the 200 invited it would be $25 for each man for the week.   Would you consider sponsoring one man?  Two?  Twelve?  Please pray about it, and please pray with us as we seek to shine the Light of Christ in a very dark area!

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