When the rain comes...

Undoubtedly your last week has looked far different than you expected with the panic that is spreading across the world due to the corona virus.  We have been told there are no confirmed cases in PNG yet, but in reality there has not been testing for it either.  So as we see the news stories and information spreading it seems to be a bit of a title wave encroaching at our doorstep.  We can’t control what is coming, but we can decide what we are going to do with it.... 

Sometimes when it rains, it pours...literally.  You might be surprised to know that our little fellowship at Makia didn’t meet this Sunday.  It wasn’t because of the feared virus.  It wasn’t government mandated.  It wasn’t because our numbers necessitated it.  It was due to rain.

There were no livestream options available to our believers.  There wasn’t another Bible believing church they could reasonably walk to.  We did try to gather, but our pop up canopy and tarps just would not have been enough. Our national pastor made the call to continue to pray and try again next week.  

I have thought and prayed for the opportunity to share with the people of Makia about Jesus.  In my mind, I have imagined that transpiring through the children in my Sunday School class.  It has taken place, yes, but the seed has not taken root to my knowledge.  God is the One who makes it grow.  He softens hearts.  He prepares the soil.  He uses us as tools in His hands but we cannot produce the growth by ourselves.  So?  We will continue to trust Him.

I can’t help but wonder at what our Good God is up to.  Whether it be in our part of the world or yours I am confident He is working out His plan for our good and His glory!  I just can’t wait to see it unfold!!!  Will you please join us in prayer as we move forward each day to share the hope that can only be found in Christ?  We need you in the battle!

Makia fellowship on a normal Sunday.