MN traditions

Brian and I have been blessed beyond measure this Christmas to be able to be in our home state of Minnesota.  We have enjoyed spending time with friends and family.  There are two MN traditions that we want to highlight this Minneapolis, on the 8th floor of Macy's, there is a Christmas display entitled "Santaland" that we were able to go to while we were home. 
Here are a couple photos......

 We got a photo by the giant wreath on our way out of the display too! 
 Another Christmas tradition in Minnesota is the Holidazzle Parade....we remembered "Chile" in our hearts as we were watching the parade on a " very chilly" night.  As you can tell by our attire, it's a little cooler here in the Midwest.  We have included some pictures of the light show that ensued after we were thoroughly cooled to the core.....hope you enjoy!  It is a tradition that is to be discontinued after this year in parade next year, so we thought we'd enjoy it while we could!
 These are the dancing light bulbs.....if you look carefully, there are legs on these lights!

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we were able to celebrate with Brian's family here in Owatonna and our church family in Waterville.  Today, Christmas Day, we got to celebrate with my (Phyllis) side of the family at the Thomas farm.  It has been a blessing to enjoy the sweet presence of family.
With all the busyness of Christmas it is important that we do not forget the very reason for the day.  I think a friend said it best when she said "Thankful to be counted among those who personally know the One we celebrate. Praying for so many who still do not know Him...".  Christmas is not just the gifts, the lights, family, meals, trees, etc..... it is because Jesus Christ is Born.  We celebrate the birth of Jesus because He changed everything.  He is the only way to eternal Salvation and desires a relationship with you!  Not a relationship that come and goes, but one that will change your life eternally and fill the void inside that nothing in this life can.  Our prayer is that you would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus matter what your circumstances are, Jesus will accept you, but you must put your trust in Him. Praying to that beginning!