Ah.....Winter Weather!

This week in Southern MN, we hit a balmy -8 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday……yup, that was the HIGH…..whew!  Was it ever blustery and cold!!!  We thought we would do a bit of a documentary of how people dress in such frigid temperatures…..Here’s Brian on his way out to plow snow:
Do you recognize him underneath all those layers?  I had trouble…..but his eyes gave him away…;0)
Thankfully, Brian and his Dad, Gene, were able to plow us out of the snow…We are looking forward to heading back to Santiago where there will be warmth for a little while yet.  Brian has been telling people that we are ‘true’ Minnesotans….why, you might wonder?  Because we are skipping the Chilean summer to be a part of winter and then we’ll go back to winter in Chile in May……he says we are following the winter weather!  Hahahaha.
While we are enjoying the last bit of extreme cold here in MN, we have been warmed by the overwhelming privilege it has been to see many of you.  We only wish there were more time to see EVERYONE we know and love!  Please know that if we were unable to connect in person, that we are available by email: brian.hovey70@yahoo.com   Thanking our good God for a warm home and cozy clothes to keep us from freezing up here in the Midwest!!!!