As we have reached about the half-way point of our time being home, we had a perspective check.  What we’ve found is that things haven’t gone exactly how we expected.  However, we are very thankful for the time we have been given.  It has been filled with great times with family and some great opportunities to connect with friends.  It also has been filled with plenty of challenges and each day we seem to find another one.  That is how life goes though…..there will always be challenges, hardships, and bad days.  What do we do with those days….and all that stuff?  Great question, I (Brian) cannot say I have the answers to that, but I know Who does.  The only One who can truly answer why we go through the things we do is the Creator Himself.   

That does not mean we do not have responsibility in our actions. We are not just coasting down a predetermined path.  Each day we get out of bed and make decisions….some good, some bad.  Each one of those decisions is a reflection on who we are going to serve that day.  So what does this have to do with a bad day?  Everything actually, because it is easy to serve Christ when everything is going well and there are no problems.  It is much more difficult when everything seems to be falling apart and doing the right thing is not appealing.  So will you join us? Will you make the tough, intentional decision to follow Christ when things don’t go “as planned?”  That does not mean you have to do it right all the time…..because we certainly do not.  We are human; we make mistakes; we mess up, but thankfully we serve a God who is forgiving when we repent.  Remember at the end of the day you do not have to answer to any one person, you have to answer to the God of the Universe.