Daybreak Church

This past week we were able to attend Daybreak Community Church
and share what we have been able to do through our supporters’ prayers and financial partnerships.  It was encouraging to see and talk to many within the church.  It is humbling to realize that there are so many MORE people beHIND this couple in the picture than what meets the eye…….we couldn’t be serving Jesus without a team!!!  We have been deeply encouraged and energized by talking with many of you over the course of the weeks we’ve been in MN.  We have roughly three weeks left in these tundra-like temperatures before we return to Santiago, Chile and our ministries there. We are looking forward to getting back in the swing of things, but it will mean saying good-bye to those of you here.   Know that we are doing our best to connect, and we appreciate all of you following us as God's plan for our lives continues to unfold!!!