Hovey’s Believe it or Not!

This photo that you see here is our church kitchen…..believe it or not!  While we have been home, our church started work on remodeling the kitchen.  Today was Brian’s first day as a man on the job!  We have been busy meeting with friends and family for personal support, but we also believe in supporting our local church.  Here’s how we decided to help this time!  Brian and some other guys were hard at it all day today with cutting concrete and digging a trench to fit the drain pipes.  To God’s glory, no one got hurt and a lot of work was accomplished!
The goal is to work alongside believers whether in Chile or in MN to further God’s Kingdom.  While working on a project at church may seem unprofitable, we are choosing to look to eternal value in helping people rather than monetary value of helping ourselves.  THANK YOU to each of you that make this possible for us to do projects like this!
We are enjoying our family and friends here in MN in spite of the frigid temperatures we have experienced…….it was -50 degrees F while including wind chill for parts of this week….BRRRRRRR!!!!  We managed, but we were not going to let the cold stop us!
Please pray for our health while our bodies are adjusting to these changes.  Please also pray for our continued safety on snowy/icy roads.  Our Pastor challenged us to engage in warfare prayer http://www.toeverytribe.com/warfare-prayer …..not just for ourselves but for missionaries around the globe!  We have taken up the task seriously and have realized we need to let people in more on how they can pray for us on the field.
We are still home till February 11th, 2014, so if you are reading this and would like a more personalized narrative, we would be happy to meet with you!  We are looking forward to a heat wave by the end of this week….a balmy 30 degrees F!!!! :0)