A Child's Perspective

You know, children shed a lot of light on a situation.  They call things as they see it and sometimes they don’t have the filters that we as adults do.  Here are some examples of what the children at SCA have said to us:
To Brian:
“Mr. Hovey?  You are kind of like Mr. Incredible……have you seen that movie?  You are big like that, and you make stuff happen too!”

To Phyllis:
“Mrs. Hovey, why do you have such a straight nose?”
“Mrs. Hovey, you laugh really loud.”

We also have an artistic child that likes to draw pictures of us in church.  This really makes us smile…….:0) So?  We thought to share the fun!  Here is her latest drawing…..


My first question was, “Why are Mr. Hovey’s eyes covered?”

“That’s Mr. Hovey’s mask.  You know, the one he wears when he’s using that one machine….”

It took me a minute to figure out that she was referring to the welding machine!  Hahaha.


The descriptions at the top of the page say it well.  “Mrs. Hovey teches.  Mr. Hovey works.”


Another first thought was that I had some alien children in my class and some normal students.  When I pointed to one of the “people” in the drawing, I was informed that those are NOT children……those are CHAIRS!!!  Hahaha.  It’s amazing how your perspective can change with a little explanation…..