The Pour

When people think of missions, many think of the “Poor.”  Well, today I would like to show you a different kind of “pour” that needs attending to on the field.
One of the graduating Seniors this year is attempting to obtain his Eagle Scout title.  As a final project, he proposed making some cement flower boxes with seating on either side.  Then, in the middle, he planned to have flower trenches.  It has been a long process in the making......It is nothing like getting cement in the States.  It is a much more complicated process here in Chile.   There are different regualtions and lots of information that is required.  Everything is also much more challenging when going through a translator for everything.  The big day was today though and there was a LOT of excitement from the school as the cement truck came to pour……

Staff and students alike gathered around while this Senior and his crew of buddies got to work.  Brian has been influential in the consulting on the project, and as you can see in the pictures he was not afraid to get his hands dirty today!
Like with any first time projects, there were many glitches in the process.  However, attitude is MORE important though than aptitude.  I am happy to report that in the face of setbacks, the crew regrouped and kept moving forward.  There is more work to do tomorrow and the days ahead, but it speaks a lot to see that they are not quitting!
Brian has this quote posted on our computer that says, “The task before us is NEVER as great as the Power behind us.”  I believe the propelling force behind each one of these young men is not just a title or recognition.  It’s the hand of an Almighty God that has proclaimed them able, capable, strong, and ready to take on this world with HIS Power, HIS Might, and HIS Help!