Feel the Heat

 Well, fall is in full swing here in Santiago, Chile.  The mornings are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are falling!  With cooler weather comes the need for heat.  As we have mentioned to many of you, there are not furnace heaters here like in the States.  What you see pictured below is a photo of one of the gas heaters that are in the classrooms.  This is what takes off the chill in the mornings in our rooms. 
The cage around the outside of the heater is one of Brian’s latest projects…….the heaters are hot to the touch, and children don’t always know that getting TOO close to the heater will burn them or their clothes.  He has made seven of these cages so far to cover some of the necessary rooms.  These guards are going to be very helpful and beneficial especially in the elementary classrooms.  They will keep the students and teachers a little safer.

People here in Santiago have already started to change into winter weather clothes…..including scarves, boots, winter coats, and sweaters.  Apparel is a great cover up when it is cold outside, but it does very little to ignite the fire on the inside.  The “heat” is on for people in our apartments and all around us……not just physically.  On either side of us (in our apartments) are families who are preparing to return home to the States.  The heat to determine purpose and direction is a constant prayer request for all of us in the ever continual changes that take place here.

One thing that is for sure is that Christ is a fire that cannot be reckoned with.  He is all consuming and once His flame is lit in your heart, you are never the same.  Our lives get so filled up with debris that the junk chokes off new growth.  We become like a forest filled with brush and dead trees. It is an amazing sight to see how a fire tears through a forest like that.  Yes, it can be painful to watch, however it does clear the way for fresh new life.  Jesus is that match that can start it all….all you have to do is strike it and observe the awesome power. 


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