And the dress got dirty....

I remember on Easter Sunday, growing up, that we seemed to wear new clothes on this special day.  I can’t recall for sure, but it seems to be how I remember it.  Either that or maybe we just wore our best dresses and clothes as it was a special occasion.  
Upon reflection, I think I have continued this tradition with my own children.  Easter is special Sunday chosen to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and one way that I give him my best is by looking my best and dressing my kids in their best too!  
Today was no different even though we were in a different culture and country.  I dressed my kiddos in clothes that they haven’t worn since we’ve been here, but I had been saving them for a special occasion.
Our church that we have been attending held a sun rise service outdoors today.  In a word?  I would describe it as glorious.  I was quite distracted by the view of the highlands around us and the mist settling over the earth as a backdrop to a fellow missionary preaching.  As we all lifted our voices to heaven with songs of praise and adoration for our King Jesus, I found myself distracted by my children too.  I was worrying about them sitting still, being quiet, but more than that, I was worrying about them getting dirty.  I had dressed them in their finest, after all, and I wanted them to stay that way.
I tried giving Moriah a drink and then a snack to keep her occupied on my lap, but it was to no avail.  When she started hollering to get down, I tried to scoot to the back of the open space and walk with her there.....firmly holding her hand, mind you, so that she could not sit down in the dirt.  Gunner was already off and playing by that time as he too had lost interest in the crackers I held.  When Moriah started hollering again and squirming so I would release my grip, I had a moment of decision.  Was this a battle I was going to fight?  Was keeping her dress clean worth it?  Was maintaining my appearance and facade a noble cause?
They seem like such obvious answers now, but I paused a moment and heard the preacher talking about miracles.  I didn’t understand all of what he was saying because it was in the Pidgin language, but I understood that word.  And then?  I remembered it was Easter.  No, really.  I mean it.  It struck me afresh that the congregation had come to hear about and celebrate the resurrection of the Lord....what was I thinking?  People were at church to worship Jesus, not admire the missionary kid's nice dress.  And so?  The dress got dirty....and I repented afresh of my own sin of worrying about others and their opinions of me rather than worshipping Jesus.  
As I write this, dawn is about to break on many of our readers in the Western world. Let me challenge you today to encounter Jesus afresh and worship HIM!  In the little stuff, in the big stuff, and in the in between stuff, we each have a choice to obey God and worship Jesus OR we can reject Him and it will be costly.  If your clothes are clean or dirty, Jesus doesn’t mind.  He is concerned about our hearts, our attitudes, and our souls—-NOT what we are wearing.  We ALL need our Savior and isn’t it a wonderful truth that He came to make an eternity with Him possible?!! 
Moriah showing off her pretty dress!
Our sunrise service this morning when it was light enough to take a picture
Just having fun.....
Brian was able to take a group of students up the mountain after our service was done, so they could preach at a another village.
Sunday school class for the kids.