Under the weather

While our home state of Minnesota is enjoying a little bit more of the winter snow....we find ourselves 'under the weather' here too.  Gunner's been running a fever off and on for the past couple of days, which we found out tonight is an ear infection and allergies have kicked in for Brian and Phyllis.  Moriah was running a low grade fever last night, so we will see how it all goes, but since we have arrived in PNG, it seems that when we get sick, we get sick as a family!  
Even though we find ourselves under the weather, we have so much to be grateful for....really.  I (Phyllis) caught myself thinking this week that although we don't 'have it all' we 'have what we need' and ya know?  It really is MORE than enough!  While we may be sick, we have access to a teammate who is a health professional and has medicine.  What a gift!
Gunner's third birthday is next week, and he has started to receive birthday cards for the occasion.  Thank you to all of you that took the time and extra effort to celebrate our little man!  While the topic of birthday cards may seem unrelated, it is an example of what I was talking about.  Gunner was beside himself with excitement when he heard he had received mail.  He had to open it ASAP!  While a birthday card to most people is no big deal, to our little guy?  It is a connection to people and a world that he still misses and has one foot in.  It really matters!  And?  While the gesture may seem 'small' in some people's eyes, it means a whole lot to us!  
We did get some REALLY good news this week that we wanted to share.....the building inspector came to look at the house this week and it passed inspection with flying colors!!!  Whooooo-hoo!!!!  To God be the glory!  What that means is that as soon as the external work is done (fencing, car port, laundry room, etc.) that we can get our occupancy permit and can move in!  Yeah!  Gunner has been talking about it already!  We are all excited, but his enthusiasm is so genuine....no worries about hauling stuff in or decorating....just pure pleasure at being in our new space!  We have so much to learn from our little guy!
It is the final week of classes for students at GBBC for this term.  Please pray for them! After this week is over, they will have a few weeks of break before heading out on practicals (3rd and 4th year theology majors and 4th year education).  Every step ahead for the sake of the Gospel reaching the nation of PNG is a step that is met with opposition from the enemy.  Please pray for school fees that still must be met, please pray for family dynamics, please pray for single students in their struggles.....the list could keep going, but we would beg you to pray for our brothers and sisters here as they seek to take the message of our Savior, Jesus Christ, to everyone!
We don't take it lightly that we get to be here and serve Our Savior with our lives.  He is trustworthy.  His arm is capable to hold us up and  sustain us in all seasons.  Under the weather or not, we are ALWAYS under His watchful eye, and we are grateful!
Gunner was waiting for supper but just couldn't make it...
Moriah was still trying to find what trouble she could get into!
Gunner getting mail!!
We decided to take down a tree that was going to be in the way of our new fence and was hanging over the house.  One of the students just clipped the tree with a machete and took it down one piece at a time....it was pretty impressive to watch.
We also poured a cement wall where a vehicle would be parked next to the house so it is not such a steep decline.