Dedicated to Prayer

One of the things I deeply respect and appreciate in my husband, Brian, is his dedication to prayer.  My children are blessed with a praying father.  Almost every night, he prays with one or both of the kiddos (depending on who is putting whom to bed).  Usually, he puts Gunner to bed while I put Moriah to sleep.  I so often get wrapped up in trying to get her to rest that I forget to pray with her, but I am gently reminded by my husband as I hear him praying with Gunner in the other room.
This year for Father's Day, Gunner, Moriah, and I decided to get Brian a prayer box.  Well, it was me, but it is an idea that Brian has talked about before and I thought it was a winner.  We are going to try to keep it on our dining room table and pick a name or two from our box at meal times to pray for those back home.  I so respect and admire Brian's thoughtfulness and intentionality in this area.  The truth is, we can't keep up with all of our precious relationships back at home as we would like.  However, the God who has given us the privilege to know such wonderful people has the power to keep us all close in mind and heart IN SPITE OF lack of communication and an ocean between us.  I trust that those of you reading this will be encouraged that we are praying for you and lifting you up as you are us!

All dressed up and ready for church!
Daddy's prayer box....unwrapped!
Moriah trying to pose with her hair lasted thirty seconds after the photo shoot was over.
This cool dude keeps us smiling!


  1. Blessings to you all as you serve our living God to reach those who aren't His children yet.
    Love your updates!
    What are your top 3 needs that we can partner with you in prayer?
    Donna Blade


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