Answering the Call

God’s call is not always convenient.  God’s call is not always easy. God’s call is not always expected or planned......but God’s call?  Is always right.  When answered, God’s call is timely and perfect.  
Four years ago, when my husband and I received our 'call' we were full of confirmation, peace and settledness that we knew what God wanted from us and it was time to follow Him.  Wow.  Had I seen all the details that God's call entailed then, I would've been cowering in the corner afraid to face the future, but God is SO kind.  Obedience is ONE step at a time, not scaling a mountain with that one step.  
Today?  Obedience looked like making a pot of soup and then sharing the whole thing.  It looked like playing Uno with my children as one of them was under the weather and needed some attention.  For Brian?  It looked different.  It was leading a team of men to complete a started project within deadlines and giving time, knowledge and resources to see it through.  What may seem like 'little' steps were steps in the direction of obedience.  
As of late, I have been studying the book of Deuteronomy in my quiet time.  Last night I read chapter 16 and was deeply challenged by verse 17.  It reads in the ESV Bible, "Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God that he has given you."  This verse was in context talking about tithing and obedience to the Lord with finances.
Obedience to God doesn’t always mean moving your family across the ocean to share Christ.  The call of God is for each of know Him, to love Him, and to obey Him where we are at and how we are able.  I would encourage you today....wherever you are, whatever circumstances you find yourself in, whatever unknowns the future holds.....answer the call. You will never regret it!

At times that looks like sharing what we have with friends.....

It may look like seizing the opportunity to share what God is teaching us....

It might look like sharing God’s wood at church....

It may even be scary things that just need to be done....(Brian and some guys were changing out the wood on top of the power poles at the Bible College as they were extremely rotten.) but God’s Call is certain and can look different everyday.


  1. Wonderful post, Phyllis!! Very helpful for me today!


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