Canada (still stop 1)

It is currently 12:38am (EST) MAY be wondering why we are not dozing in dreamland......why a blog at this crazy hour?  Ok, for MOST people it may not be TOO far out, but for Phyllis Hovey?  It is WAY past her bedtime!!!  Hahahaha.  Well, I have good news and bad news.  Bad news first.......our flight is not leaving tonight as planned.  Bummer!  Good news second.......the aircraft personnel found problem that needed maintenance and kept us safe.  Praise The Lord!!  

Ok, break in the post due to some much needed shut eye.....5 hours sleep in the last two days has not cut it but the airline put us up in a hotel for a couple hours so we are thankful.   We are scheduled to leave this morning to go to Chile.  They also gave us some food vouchers, so Brian is on that mission now.  We'll arrive tonight, Lord willing, and try and post if we can.  We have been in touch with the couple who are picking us up at the airport.....they are watching the flight online and have said they will be there to get us.  Thanks to all who are praying!!  We appreciate it!!!  More to come......