Our Adventure.....

It is about 2:30 pm EST, and not only are we IN Chile, but we are unpacked and somewhat settled into our new home! Sigh. (Contented) It feels GREAT! The ABWE missionaries that are currently serving here have been SO hospitable and wonderful.....praise the Lord for that!
We got into the airport last night at about 7:30pm, and it took us about an hour and a half to get our luggage, go through immigration, customs, and all that good stuff. All of our luggage was accounted for, that was another thing to be grateful for......I was a little nervous about that what with the plane changes and all.
Anyways, we made it through all those transitions, and then we couldn't figure out how to use the pay phone to contact our ride! Hahaha. I laugh because there are just some things that I take for granted.......fortunately for us, there was an older gentlemen who trying to offer us a taxi ride that showed us how to use the phone. Jon Sharp came and picked us up promptly. We were able to fit all our baggage in his car, and then we were whisked off to our apartment about 40 minutes away. Our neighboring apartment residents, Kip and Katy, came to meet us and brought us some freshly made muffins. Their hospitality was much appreciated!
We were so out of it when we arrived that we crashed almost immediately. However, we didn't crash until we had thanked our Lord emphatically for how He took care of us. We slept through the night and didn't get up till around 11:00 am this morning. It wasn't until this morning that we thought to post, so we apologize for keeping you all in suspense as to our arrival.
Thank you again to all of you who are keeping track of us and praying us through each step of the journey......you are a vital part of our team!!!!
Here are a couple pictures of our new home!
Living room
View out the door
view out the door
view out the bedroom window 
view out the bedroom window


  1. Hi,
    Thankful you got to your new home safely...it looks very nice.
    Love and prayers,
    Tom & Linda

  2. Mom and I were just talking about you guys on our walk last night, wondering if you had made it. Look forward to hearing more as you go. Praying for you both!

  3. So thankful you have arrived safely! Love the photos of your new home. Praying your first days in Chile are wonderful!

  4. So glad you guys made it to Chile and can start the process of settling in and getting to know your surroundings. I'm thankful you posted pics - it is fun to be able to visualize where you are. Sending so much love!


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