For some of you, you may never have seen our house.  This is the back bedroom that used to be Brian’s work room/office.  The walls were completely covered; there were hats lining the upper trim; there was a desk, a bookshelf, and oh, so much more!!!!  Now?  There is little left to speak of.  I do want to point out the other wall opposite of the window though… might be surprised at what you will see…….
Hahahaha……..priorities, right?

Brian and I have decided to try and “capture” our week to week posts with an image, and we thought this “deer” said it so well…………………..although we have filled our days with packing, sorting, more packing, cleaning, and all that stuff, we haven’t forgotten that which is most “dear” to us……all our friends, family, and those we love!!!

As we prepare to say our “see you laters” this week, we ask that you would pray for us.  We still have a little packing to do and some last minute cleaning, but we will soon be on our way!   The next time we blog we should be close to leaving for Chile and MAY be even in the country itself!  Thank you, again, to each of you who are “dear” to us and have played a role in making this possible…………even though we will be far away in distance, you will be in our hearts as we travel!!!!