God’s faithfulness on the road

Brian and I are happy to report that we made it home safely from PA!  We wanted to share a little bit of our journey because it demonstrates God’s faithfulness. 

We drove a rental car to PA for reliability’s sake.  The car we rented also got better gas mileage than our everyday car.  Well, we were on the road and in construction with a semi in front of us and thick traffic on our left side.  On our right side, we were up against construction barrels.  Brian was driving and I MUST say, THAT was a blessing indeed!  Why?  Because he is very calm and can weigh a situation out quickly in heavy traffic………the semi in front of us knocked one of the construction barrels over and it came back at us.  Brian’s reaction was quick while I quickly hung on for dear life and held my breath!  There was nowhere for us to go in the left lane and so we proceeded forward……straight towards the construction barrel!  I grabbed ahold of my door and stabilized myself just as we hit the barrel……..as we heard the loud THUMP!  of collision, the barrel shot out into the lane on the other side where construction took place (thankfully it was a weekend so there were no workers out!) and we kept going on our journey.  I heaved a HUGE sigh of relief and Brian and I both prayed that there was no major damage to the rental car.  When we got out at the next rest area, we were relieved that there really wasn’t any damage to the car……..praise the Lord for that! 

Assuming our dilemmas were over, we continued down the road……..and then?  We hit a thunderstorm.  Actually, we hit like four thunderstorms……they were all mini in length, but for me?  They seemed to take forever.  Now, I have to confess that usually, if the weather is bad, I stay out of it.  Going down the freeway at 70 mph with blinding rain was NOT my idea of fun.  In fact?  I’d say it was time for PANIC!!!  Fortunately, Brian is cooler headed than I am and was able to keep us on the road by God’s grace.  We saw God come through  for us in HUGE ways.  We were so thankful for His protection and provision of safety.


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