Brian's Home!!!

Just wanted to get the word out that Brian is back home and is resting!!!!  THANK YOU to the many of you praying for us during his hospitalization!!!  WHAT a blessing! 
Brian will be taking this week off from everything. They have put him on a very specific diet and will need to go back into the doctors on Friday. He ended up having his gallbladder taken had over 60 stones in it!  Thankfully it was done laparoscopically so there were only 4 small insisions. There should be a complete recovery in the next few weeks. There was a few other internal issues that were observed throughout this process, but these should be able to be resolved.
 While we were in the ER initially and didn't know what was going on, I was scared.  I felt helpless because I could do nothing to help Brian with the pain and had NO idea what was causing it.  I had my speculations and they were not sounding good.......In that moment of utter weakness, our friend who had taken us to the ER started reading Scripture.  He started with Ps. 23, which says in vs 6,
Surely your goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord
In Chapel this past year for the kids of SCA, one mother spoke about this verse in relationship to her children.  She said, "When my children are afraid of the dark or the boogie man, I simply tell them that the LORD says, '....goodness and love will follow [you]...."  There is NOT some unknown creature or spooky thing that is on your heels.  You have the God of the Universe behind you (my paraphrase of her words)!!!"  I found this comforting as we waited to hear what "unknown diagnosis" they were going to give Brian.  I didn't need to fear the diagnosis.....I had the God of the Universe behind me and HIS goodness and love WILL follow me ALL the days of my life!  WHAT a promise to claim!
I also thought of a song that I heard for the first time from friends at our home church, First Baptist Church of Waterville.  It's called, "Trust His Heart," and it is sung by Babbie Mason.  When I don't understand what God is up to, I have the opportunity to take a step of faith and trust Him anyways because He has PROMISED in Rom. 8:28, "...God works all things together for good for those that love Him...."
Pressing on toward that aim today!!!!
Here's a link to the song on youtube.....hope you enjoy!!!


  1. How beautiful that in the midst of difficulties, you got to see the Lord wrap You in His Presence and hold you together with His loving word! What a great testimony, that even in difficulties He helps your faith rises up! Love you both and glad to hear you are resting. Agreeing with His blessings of goodness and love to keeping following you this week and in the year ahead!


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